Video Summary: What Are Communication Skills? Top 10!

This video outlines the top 10 communication skills valued by employers: public speaking, persuasion, interpersonal skills, listening, empathy, feedback, teamwork, nonverbal communication, phone skills, and written communication. It encourages viewers to identify and improve their own communication skills.

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Overview of This Video

The video titled “Top 10 Communication Skills – What Are Communication Skills?” is a comprehensive guide created by Alex Lyon that delves into the most sought-after communication skills in the professional world. The video covers a range of topics, including public speaking, persuasion, interpersonal communication, listening, empathy, providing and accepting feedback, teamwork and collaboration, nonverbal communication, phone skills, and written communication. Each skill is discussed in detail, with Lyon providing practical examples and contexts to help viewers understand their importance.

You can benefit from this video by gaining a deeper understanding of the communication skills that are highly valued by employers. It offers insights into how to improve these skills and apply them effectively in your career, making it a valuable resource for new employees, emerging leaders, or anyone looking to enhance their communication abilities in a professional context.

Key Takeaways

  1. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: This is a highly recognizable communication skill. Being a strong public speaker can set you apart from others and is often associated with leadership.
  2. Persuasive Skills: These are crucial as we often need to make requests for approval and support. Effective persuasion involves explaining a problem and asking for support for your proposed solution.
  3. Interpersonal Skills: These are used in one-on-one communication with colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates. It’s important to interact in supportive and respectful ways to create mutual understanding and satisfying connections.
  4. Listening Skills: Good listening is an underrated but powerful communication skill. It involves removing distractions, tuning in, and preparing to absorb the other communicator’s message.
  5. Communicating with Empathy: This skill cuts across all communication contexts. Empathy helps us understand where people are coming from and builds trust.
  6. Providing and Accepting Feedback: As a supervisor, you need to provide constructive feedback to help employees develop. It’s also important to be open to receiving feedback and finding something helpful in it.
  7. Teamwork and Collaboration in Groups: Working in teams is more complicated than working one-on-one. Good team members have task skills like asking good questions and providing helpful information, and relationship dynamics like encouraging and supporting others.
  8. Nonverbal Communication Skills: Nonverbal communication creates a powerful impression on others and shades everything we say and do. It’s important to be aware of our nonverbal cues and body language.
  9. Phone Skills: Since we are not face-to-face on the phone, tone of voice and timing become more noticeable. Good phone skills involve making small adjustments in words and tone to create a helpful interaction.
  10. Written Skills: Good written skills involve being organized, clear, and concise. It’s important to revise written messages before sending them, especially important ones.

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Video Review

This video serves as an excellent guide for anyone looking to understand and improve their communication skills. The presenter, Alex Lyon, does a commendable job of breaking down complex concepts into digestible, actionable points. His clear and concise delivery makes the content easily accessible, even for those new to the topic.

One of the video’s strengths is its comprehensive coverage of the subject. It doesn’t just focus on the more obvious aspects of communication like public speaking and written skills, but also delves into often overlooked areas such as empathy, listening, and nonverbal cues. This holistic approach provides viewers with a well-rounded understanding of what effective communication entails.

However, while the video does a great job of identifying and explaining the top 10 communication skills, it falls a bit short in providing practical tips or exercises for improving these skills. For those seeking to actively enhance their communication abilities, additional resources or follow-up content might be necessary.

In conclusion, this video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the key components of effective communication. It’s a great starting point, but viewers should be prepared to seek out additional resources for more practical application.

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Video Summary: What Are Communication Skills? Top 10!
Video Summary: What Are Communication Skills? Top 10!